Since 2007 we have aggregated a blogging calendar. Many have been thoughts that have evolved over time. In fact, we have needed to change titles and reconsider ideas that we have found irrelevant to the moment. By that, we mean they have become outdated. We have been there and done that, and we have gotten better and moved on. We see business strategy as a consistently ephemeral process. We put in, it’s used, it fades, and we do something else.

Right now the thoughts of innovation and user familiarity are in mind. What dominates the market and what makes products successful. How to make something the leader, and what to consider i.e., competition and its roles. What do they mean? What do they do? Who are they? Believe it or not, that last question is sometimes the most difficult to answer. Sometimes competition is not evident. Remember that. When things are too new, we don’t always see them as a possibility. We can be stubborn and even proud. Of course, we love what we create and do, but do not disregard how powerful something can be – not yours and not someone else’s.

Impressions. What impressions do we have of things? What mental models do we create? Shouldn’t you be creating mental models before you go to market? Shouldn’t you be creating mental models while you’re developing? Before you develop in R & D? Understand mental models are necessary. And they exist in the lifecycle of the person, and not solely of the product. If you want to innovate, think about people. Consider who you create for, and not what you are creating. Focus on how it can be used, in its many ways and not solely what [they] are using.